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Denise, thanks for illuminating the scene in the EU.

I worked for USNews from 1995-2000 so I saw up close what went into the hospital guides, college guides, graduate school guides. Rankings are, of course, problematic on many levels but we on the website team took the lists as an opportunity to link out to the institutions and provide decision-making tools. We used the data collected by the magazine and opened it up so that consumers could essentially re-rank the institutions according to what was important to them.

In my current work, I can provide a few data points about the U.S.:

38% of internet users in the U.S. look online for information about hospitals or other medical facilities and, of those, 45% looked at rankings or reviews online

I'm looking forward to learning more about what's happening in Europe! See you in Paris.

Paul Hodgkin

Thanks for a great blog Denise. And it is certainly our experience on Patient Opinion that, like Philippe, most people prefer telling their story to ticking a rating.
Philippe may also be interested to know that Patient Opinion is working with groups in Barcelona and Milan to help them develop Spanish, Catalan and Italian versions of Patient Opinion on a low cost, 'open business' model. So if anyone else is interested in doing this in other countries on a not-for-profit basis, then do get in touch with us at Patient Opinion

Health20Paris Denisesilber

Philippe, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for visiting my English blog.
Patient's Opinion does what you say, at least in part.
The NHS departments that subscribe to the service receive the information.
I know you're working on various projects. I'll be happy to see more. Denise

Philippe Ameline

Rating or Narrating... great question!

As a patient, would I prefer to participate in telling a short story about a selected healthcare event or to have my information be part of some rating?

As a consumer, would I rather listen to other's stories or study care places figures?

Maybe I would prefer something really different: that my health journey be told and organized in a way that allows practitioners to work better.

Couldn't it be the very goal of Health 2.0 to have individuals become the center of a real world instead of being passively aggregated?

Maybe we could ask it differently: instead of "how best to relate the patient experience?", couldn't we head 2.0 toward "how best to contribute in patient experience?".

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