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On the surface, it appears that health insurance reimburse medical care providers less in France than in other European countries.

Denise Silber

Thanks Clare. I'm going to post your interesting post on the French version of the article as well (in English) on

Clare McKitrick

An interesting post Denise - I work for Digital Public, and we've helped NHS Direct develop and implement online tools that patients use to triage their own symptoms. Our evidence shows that in an age when Googling your symptoms is endemic, there is a key place for trusted, well-evidenced online services that help patients work out what to do next - whether that's have a webchat with one of NHS Direct's nurses, visit their GP or take a couple of painkillers and rest. So while NHS Direct started as a telephone-based service, they are now spearheading online service innovation and achieving great results with it - both for patients and in terms of effiency. If France were to adopt a similar concept, it would present a great opportunity to start with a 'web first' assumption, preserving the more intensive channels like telephony or face to face contact for those patients who really need it.

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