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Denise Silber

Appreciate your thoughtful comment Xavier. This Manifesto was one of the most visited pages of the original Doctors 2.0 & You website. We did the exercise during our first edition in 2011 and wanted to give people a new opportunity to react. You are right that in theory new technologies have launched in a bigger way, new tools since then: connected objects, virtual and augmented reality artificial intelligence, big data. However, we haven't truly reached an open, connected health universe yet.

Xavier Quilliet

This is interesting, but ...

It gives the feeling that Health 2.0 is only about open, social, connected health.

I have the feeling the new "health paradigm" is driven by broader changes, which also pertain to open innovation, to knowledge discovery from (big) data, to precision medicine.

Precision medicine is providing healthcare by leveraging:
=> the patient, knowing his/her life and goals
=> the disease, understanding its root cause
=> the treatment, predicting its effect
This is Health 2.0 for me.

The 85 sentences would benefit from being summarized by fewer and more generic sentences. The Agile Manifesto ( is a great example of short and sharp sentences, that have aged at all after 15 years. Here are also few principles behind the manifesto (, which wording could be used to cover several ideas among the 85 sentences.

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